Zelig Hall 970H

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Designed to be able to satisfy the most different, the new line of tablet PCs signed by Exagerate Hamlet offers the right solution for all, providing only what you need, to the advantage of ease of use and the best value money. Flagship of the new line of tablet PCs is Zelig Hall 970H , a proposal with a large multi-touch capacitive display IPS 9.7 inches with resolution 1024×768 pixels and wide viewing angle of 172 degrees , offering the best levels of interaction and technologically advanced features.

Zelig pad 970H is based on advanced multi-core platform, led by the main processor ARM Cortex A8 at frequencies up to 1.5 GHz, which can be matched to the other cores on the main functions, such as the management of 3D graphics and performance video. Extremely versatile, this new tablet is ideal for both business and leisure, allowing, via Wi-Fi connectivity, 150Mbit, surf the Internet, email management, work programs with individual productivity, playing with many app Android 4.0 on the Play Store and enjoy multimedia content like photos, videos, books and music.

In just 9.6 mm thick, Zelig Pad 970H offers, therefore, provide everything you could need, including a 2 megapixel camera and dual port HDMI to connect the tablet to the TV and see also Full HD movies in 3D. The new family of tablet Exagerate by Hamlet also provides for other models, able to satisfy the most articulate in terms of budget, usage and performance. The offer, in fact, includes display solutions, both resistive and capacitive, from 7 to 9.7 inches , among which is an interesting proposal made ​​by 700RK model , complete with keyboard and case, ideal for sending mail and connect to Internet on-the-go with the comfort, where there is such a connection Wi-Fi. The range also includes a solution with 3G connectivity , for those who want to be connected anytime, anywhere.

The new line of tablet PCs Zelig Pad will be available from mid-June, with retail prices ranging from $99 (including VAT) for a 7-inch (also available with case, keyboard) to switch to 129 Euro (VAT included ) for a capacitive tablet with Android 4.0 up to the top model with a large 9.7-inch display at 249 Euro (VAT included).

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