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Kobo Arc is a 7-inch Android tablet, which was launched a few months ago with two ebook reader Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo, the latter already available in Italy by Mondadori. According to the latest rumors, Kobo Arc should be available in the United States by the end of November and almost at the same time in other markets, such as Europe. The device is already in advance in some online stores, but expects to day the arrival of the inventory. In the meantime, our colleague Liliputing was able to perform a free fast proof, offering a series of photographs live.

Update 17/11/2012: Michael Kozlowski of GoodeReader made a video on unpacking the package and on the first boot of Kobo Arc. Pending a more thorough test, gives us his thoughts. Arc is fast and robust, at least as a Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire HD 7. Good news for the user interface, which gives the possibility to organize their own content, customize and get advice on others.Enjoy it!

For those who do not remember, Kobo Arc has a display of 7-inch , IPS type, with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, a processor TI OMAP 4470 dual core 1.5GHz, complemented by 16GB to 64GB of internal memory. The tablet Kobo is based on operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with some custom software designer Kobo. It ‘s just that the element that distinguishes it from a Nook or a Kindle Fire tablet: Kobo Arc is a Google certified device. Although its screen is not typical of an Android device, the terminal has full access to Google Play Store.

The user, therefore, in addition to download ebooks, magazines and other content from Kobo shop, you can also download applications, books, music, movies and more from Google Play. In Kobo Arc lacks a high-resolution display, but the price is one of the strengths of this device. The 16GB model costs about $ 200, while the 32GB up to almost $250The top of the range, it will be priced at $300 with 64GB of internal memory (a first for the category of tablet low-cost firm with 16-32GB). None of the versions, however, has a microSD slot, so it will be impossible to expand the storage.

From first impressions also shows another feature that distinguishes the tablet Kobo from its competitors: the frameLooking at the pictures, in fact, we note how Arc is equipped with aframe rather thick , slightly raised with respect to the screen. This solution facilitates holding the tablet, when you read an ebook without worrying about accidentally touch the display but such a space might annoy readers more demanding.

Similarly, the cover of Kobo Arc consists of soft-touch plastic material that makes the tablet a bit ‘bulkier respects to 7 inches in circulation, but in opposition makes it easier to “grip”, an element should not be underestimated especially in the function of eReader. According to first impressions, it is also interesting the customization of Android software , which will allow the user to create “album” of content on a particular topic, and share them over the Internet.Particularly useful is then the option “Discover” that identifies the ebook that you are reading, suggesting other interesting content to it.

At first glance, therefore, Kobo Arc conquest for the price, hardware equipment and software solutions. We’ll see if these initial opinions are also confirmed by more extensive tests.

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